Friday, April 3, 2015

Digtial Citizenship Part 2

Explore the hotspots in this Thinglink.

Your digital footprint is your digital history and although it goes along with internet safety it is not the same concept.Thinking about your digital footprint is recognizing that every time you go online you create a digital trail that will stay with you forever! Creating a positive digital history in the digital world should be treated the same as creating a positive history in the physical world and is an important lesson for students to learn. 

Check out this new and awesome resource from Common Sense Media:

If you are considering a digital project with your students (blogging, podcasts, movie or story creation) planning needs to be done. Perhaps the students will create an online project map as an outline that leads to a written script, or they will be searching online, or collaborating. Before you start the project consider adding a digital footprint activity. Share this video from Common Sense Media and ask this guiding question:“What online information do you want connected to your name in 10-15 years?” 

A Great Article on this hot topic will help with that discussion. 

Still think you do not need to worry? Learn from these professionals at

 “self-reflect before you self-reveal”

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