Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Curating Resources

Help there is too much information! Or how do teachers keep resources and ideas together for students to use?

Curate them! What does that mean? Defined it means “select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge” Thankfully there are also many programs to help teachers do that, here are a few to get started with that can be easily shared with students through Google.

Symbaloo is a great place to start, set up links for students with picture tiles, great for the “littles”
Link the Symbaloo to a website page or share through Google Classroom.
Screenshot 2017-07-05 at 1.51.17 PM.png

Another way to share links to websites with students is to use One Tab extension for Google Chrome. When teachers search for ideas for students, multiple website tabs get opened and tend to stay open while the teacher keeps searching. Once the One tab extension is applied to the teacher's account, clicking on the One Tab icon will put all the open website tabs in a shareable list that even gets its’ own QR code. Students can click on the links in the list to access any of the websites the teacher found for them.

Bookmarking is a great way to save resources until there are too many single bookmarks. Create Folders with Google's Bookmark manager and Bookmark Manager Extension. Bookmark Manager for Google Chrome is accessible from right-clicking on the bookmarks bar or from the 3 dots under the X in the very top right corner of the screen. Have a folder for each topic. Add images and notes for each bookmark. Export bookmarks to Google drive for sharing.
Diigo is another bookmarking service that allows annotations to bookmarks and sharing by group or by email. After a bookmark is created, it will come up in the right side of the screen when the teacher does another Google Search for the same topic.

An alternative word to curation is creating a “Playlist” for students =A series of video or media for students to interact with. With any of the resources below teachers can use playlists already created or create their own. Share with students through Google Classroom, Google account sign in, or PIN number.
  • A free resource made just for Virginia teachers are emediaVA. All resources are aligned by SOL
  • TES Teach is another free resource to create or use already created multi-media interactive lessons for students. TES (formerly named Blendspace) is very easy to use, works on Chromebooks and has an app for easy access from other devices. Students can access by class code.
  • Edpuzzle allows teachers to add video’s from any source and create questions to go with the video for students to answer digitally.
  • Nearpod - teachers can use this rich resource of quality interactive lessons or create their own. Some lessons are free and some have a cost.
  • TEDEd shares playlists with students through Google account or PIN number. Teachers remix lessons already created with new questions for their classroom of students.
  • CK-12 includes interactives and simulations as well as video to put together in a playlist with the flexibility to add teacher's own content.
  • OER Commons - a digital library and network of educational resources.

So many resources, too little time!! Let’s get organized and ready to share with students to save time for everyone.

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